Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1003

First Line: Who are these, whose songs are sounding,

Who are these, whose songs are sounding
O'er the golden harps above ?
Hark ! they tell of grace abounding,
And Jehovah's sovereign love.

These are they . . . who washed their
robes . . . and made them white ... in the
blood of the Lamb. . . .

2 Who are these that keep their station
Round the great eternal throne ?
They from earthly tribulation
To their heavenly rest are gone.

3 See their robes of dazzling whiteness,
Without blemish, spot, or stain;
See their crowns that grow in brightness,
Purchased by the Lamb once slain.

4 'Tis the Lamb of God who leads them,
And they serve Him night and day ;
By the heavenly fount He feeds them,
He hath wiped their tears away.

5 Sweet their theme : 'tis still salvation
Unto Christ the Holy One ;
And their sighs of tribulation
Change to songs around the throne.