Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1091

First Line: We coLie to-day from near and far,

We coLie to-day from near and far,
The light of hope our guiding star ;
In Jesus' name we gather here,
For strength and words of cheer.

Oh, wondrous words, sweet words of cheer
That Jesus speaks in tones so clear :
Still may they grow to us more dear
While gathered in His name.

2 'Tis good to meet in His blest name,
And all His wondrous love proclaim ;
To find the way of life more dear,
And hear glad words of cheer.

3 O Saviour, bless our Christian band,
For Thee enlisted, heart and hand ;
Incline to us Thy gracious ear,
And give us words of cheer.

4 And when we leave this hallowed place,
Oh, grant to us Thy heavenly grace;
In all our way, oh, be Thou near,
To speak glad words of cheer.