Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1139

First Line: We are but little children weak,

We are but little children weak,
Nor born in any high estate;
What can we do for Jesus' sake,
Who is so high, and good, and great ?

2 Oh, day by day each Christian child
Has much to do, without, within ;
A death to die for Jesus' sake,
A weary war to wage with sin.

3 When deep within our swelling hearts
The thoughts of pride and anger rise ;
When bitter words are on our tongues,
And tears of passion in our eyes :

4 Then we may stay the angry blow,
Then we may check the hasty word ;
Give gentle answers back again,
And fight a battle for our Lord.

5 With smiles of peace and looks of love
Light in our dwellings we may make;
Bid kind good humour brighten there —
And still do all for Jesus' sake.

6 There's not a child so small and weak
But has his little cross to take,
His little work of love and praise
That he may do for Jesus' sake.