Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1019

First Line: There's a land of life and glory,

There's a land of life and glory,
Just beyond the shores of time,
Where redemption's wondrous story
Is the theme of song sublime.

Boundless love . . . and adoration, . . •
Boundless glo ries none have dreamed, .
Boundless joy ... of free salvation — . . .
Is the song ... of the redeemed. . . .

2 Who shall sing the song of gladness
Through the everlasting years,
When there cometh no more sadness,
No more sighing, no more tears ?

3 Who shall sing of God's salvation ?
Who eternal life shall win ?
They who came through tribulation,
And have triumphed over sin.

4 These are they who follow Jesus,
Counting earthly gain but loss ;
These are they who found salvation
Through His death upon the cross.