Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.984

First Line: There is a land, a sunny land,

There is a land, a sunny land,
Whose skies are ever bright,
Where evening shadows never fall ;
The Saviour is its light.

If the cross . . we meekly bear, . .
Then the crown . . we shall wear, . .
When we dwell . . among the fair, . .
In the bright for-evermore.

2 There is a clime, a peaceful clime,
Beyond life's narrow sea,
Where every storm is hushed to rest :
There let our treasure be.

3 There is a home, a glorious home.
A heavenly mansion fair ;
And those we loved so fondly here
Will bid us welcome there.

4 We long to leave these fading scenes
That glide so quickly by,
And join the shining host above,
Where joy can never die.