Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1120

First Line: The prize is set before us,

The prize is set before us ;
To win, His words implore us :
The eye of God is o'er us,
From on high ! . . .
His loving tones are calling,
While sin is dark, appalling ;
'Tis Jesus gently calling :
He is nigh ! . . .
By and by we shall meet Him,
By and by we shall greet Him,
And with Jesus reign in glory,
By and by ! . . .

2 We'll follow where He leadeth,
We'll pasture where He feedeth,
We'll yield to Him who pleadeth
From on high ! . . .
Then naught from Him shall sever,
Our hope shall brighten ever,
And faith shall fail us never:
He is nigh ! . . .

3 Our home is bright above us,
No trials dark to move us,
But Jesus dear to love us
There on high ! . . .
We'll *ive our best endeavour,
And praise His name for ever :
His precious words can never,

Never die ! . . .