Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1071

First Line: The morning light is breaking ,

The morning light is breaking ;
The darkness disappears !
The sons of earth are waking
To penitential tears ;
Each breeze that sweeps the ocean
Brings tidings from afar,
Of nations in commotion,
Prepared for Zion's war.

2 See heathen nations bending
Before the God we love,
And thousand hearts ascending
In gratitude above ;
While sinners, now confessing,
The gospel call obey,
And seek the Saviour's blessing —
A nation in a day.

3 Blest river of salvation !
Pursue thine onward way ;
Flow thou to every nation,
Nor in thy richness stay :
Stay not till all the lowly
Triumphant reach their home :
Stay not till all the holy
Proclaim — The Lord is come !