Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1115

First Line: The call of God is sounding clear,

The call of God is sounding clear,
O Christian, let it reach thine ear ;
Endeavour now of souls to bring
A band to love and serve the King.

Let us go forth ! . . . the call is clear ; . . .
Let us go forth, ... no tarrying here ! . . .
For Him to live, . . . the Christ, the Lord, . . .
A crown from Him . . . our high reward.

2 Let us go forth, as called of God,
Redeemed by Jesus' precious blood ;
His love to show, His life to live.
His message speak, His mercy give.

3 Let Christ alone ! our watchword
The Son of God who made us free ;
He bore our sins, He makes us pure,
For His name's sake we all endure.

4 The Christ of God to glorify,
His grace in us to magnify ;
His word of life to all make known—
Be this our work, and this alone.