Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.992

First Line: Steer our bark away to the Homeland,

Steer our bark away to the Homeland,
Spread the sails of hope o'er the sea ;
Think of all the friends that awaits us,
When anchored safely there we shall be.

Gathering after tears into sunshine,
Gathering after labour into rest ! . . .
Hear the ransomed throng shouting forth their joyful song,
Gathering to the mansions of the blest. . ..

2 Steer our bark away to the Homeland,
On without a fear let us go ;
When the port of peace we are nearing,
The blessed harbour lights we shall know.

3 Bright and fair the hills of the Homeland,
Clad in all the bloom of the spring ;
There to Him who loved and redeemed us,
Our joyful, joyful praise we will sing.

4 Soft the winds that blow from the Home-land,
Sweet the morn that breaks on the shore ;
Soon we'll meet again our beloved ones,
Where sorrow, pain, and death come no more.