Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1113

First Line: Praise ye the Lord ! lift up the voice,

Praise ye the Lord ! lift up the voice
with singing ;
Tell to the world the glory of His name ;
Join in the song while joyful notes are
ringing [abroad His fame !
Far o'er the earth: oh spread

Yes, we'll tell the wondrous story,
We will laud His holy name ;
And will give our best endeavour
Still to spread abroad His fame.

2 Praise ye the Lord, with holy adoration !
Worthy is He of all our love and praise;
Look unto Him, the Rock of our Salvation ;
His gracious hand hath led us all our days.

3 Praise ye the Lord, and worship Him
with gladness !
Thanks to His name for all His wondrous love ;
Praise ye the Lord ! let praises banish sadness
Now and for ever till we meet above.