Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1017

First Line: Over the river faces I see,

Over the river faces I see,
Fair as the morning, looking for me;
Free from their sorrow, grief, and despair,
Waiting and watching patiently there.

Looking this way, yes, looking this way,
Loved ones are waiting, looking this way ;
Fair as the morning, bright as the day,
Dear ones in glory looking this way.

2 Father and mother, safe in the vale,
Watch for the boatman, wait for the sail,
Bearing the loved ones over the tide
Into the harbour, near to their side.

3 Brother and sister gone to that clime,
Wait for the others coming some time ;
Safe with the angels, whiter than snow,
Watching for dear ones waiting below.

4 Sweet little darling, light of the home,
Looking for someone, beckoning, Come ;
Bright as a sunbeam, pure as the dew.
Anxiously looking, mother, for you.

5 Jesus the Saviour, bright Morning Star,
Looking for lost ones, straying afar ;
Hear the glad message, why will you roam?
Jesus is calling, Sinner, come home !