Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.986

First Line: Out on the ocean all boundless we ride,

Out on the ocean all boundless we ride,
We're homeward bound ;
Tossed on the waves of a rough, restless tide,
We're homeward bound ;
Far from the safe, quiet harbour of God !
Far from our Father's celestial abode,
Promise of which on us each He's bestowed,
We're homeward bound.

2 Wildly the storm sweeps us on as it roars,
We're homeward bound ;
Look ! yonder he the bright, heavenly shores,
We're homeward bound,
Steady, O pilot, stand firm at the wheel !
Steady ! we soon shall outweather the gale !
Oh, how we fly 'neath the loud-creaking sail !
We're homeward bound.

3 Into the harbour of heaven now we glide,
We're home at last !
Softly we drift on its bright silver tide,
We're home at last !
Glory to God ! all our dangers are o'er,
Safely we stand on the radiant shore ;
Glory to God ! we will shout evermore,
We're home at last !