Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.979

First Line: Oh, the music rolling onward,

Oh, the music rolling onward,
Thro' the boundless regions bright,
Where the King in all His beauty
Is the glory and the light !
Where the sunshine of His presence
Every wave of sorrow stills,
And the bells of joy are ringing
On the everlasting hills.

2 Oh, the music rolling onward
Like a mighty ocean tide —
Oft I seem to hear its echoes,
While to earth they softly glide !
And there comes to me a vision,
That my soul with rapture thrills,
For I stand by faith uplifted
On the everlasting hills.

3 When I wake amid the splendour
That I see but dimly now,
And behold the crown of jewels
That adorns my Saviour's brow,
Where eternal spring abideth.
And the sky no darkness fills —
How my grateful heart shall praise Him
On the everlasting hills.