Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1018

First Line: O Homeland! O Homeland! no lonely,

O Homeland! O Homeland! no lonely
heart is there,
No rush of blinding anguish, no slowly dropping tear:
Now, like an infant crying its mother's
face to see,
O blessed, blessed Homeland, I stretch my arms to thee !

2 O Homeland! O Homeland! whose joy
no tongue can tell,
No sighing of the weary, no more the sad farewell ;
But sound of children's voices, and
shout of saintly song,
Are heard thy happy highways and
golden streets along.

3 O Homeland ! O Homeland ! the
vail is very thin
That stretches thy fair meadows and
this cold world between :
A breath aside may blow it, a heart-
throb burst it through,
And bring, in one glad moment, the
pearly gates in view.

4 O Homeland ! O Homeland ! One —
Chief of all thy band,
One — altogether lovely, One — Lord of all the land,
Now standeth at thy portals to wel-
come there His Bride,
And, resting on His bosom, I shall be satisfied.