Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1125

First Line: O Christ, I will endeavour,

O Christ, I will endeavour
To serve Thee day by day ;
Help me to make Thee ever
My Life, my Truth, my Way.
When in my breast Thou burnest,
My thoughts grow pure and bright,
My words are calm and earnest,
And all seems good and right.

2 Go with me, God my Saviour,
Go with me every hour ;
Control my whole behaviour
By Thy full Spirit's power ;
Uplift, and heal, and gladden,
Myself and others, Lord ;
May naught that's in me sadden
Those here that love Thy word.

3 Why should I not be willing
To serve Thee with my days,
When Thou art ever filling
My soul with joy and praise ?
Why should I not show others
The Light Divine in Thee ?
See what Thou art to me ?