Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1015

First Line: O Banner of Jesus, in triumph advancing,

O Banner of Jesus, in triumph advancing,
Thy folds in the sunlight of beauty unfurled ;
From the hill sides afar to the isles
of the ocean, [quers the world.
Thy glory shall float till it con-

O Banner of Jesus, thou glory-crowned Banner,
Thou emblem of hope o'er the nations unfurled ;
March on in triumph, march on in beauty,
Till Jesus, till Jesu3 has conquered the world.

2 Oh say, can you see where the ranks are now marching ?
With banners of beauty like con-
querors they come ;
They have fought the good fight, and
in peace are returning,
The ransomed of Zion; oh, welcome them home !

3 Behold where they stand on the green
hills immortal,
Their weapons unheeded, they rest
on the shore ; [glory reposing,
There, with heroes and martyrs in
Their warfare is ended, they weary no more.