Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1089

First Line: Lift up thine eyes, O watchman,

Lift up thine eyes, O watchman,
The armies of the Lord
Are riding forth to conquest
With buckler, shield, and sword
Glad tidings unto Zion
That valiant host shall bring,
And shout aloud, Hosanna !
The Lord, the Lord is King :

2 What dost thou see, O watchman ?
What dost thou see afar ?
The gleaming of a banner,
The rising of a Star ;
Then cry aloud, O watchman,
With trumpet voice proclaim
To all a full salvation, [name.
Through Christ the Saviour's

3 That radiant banner gleaming,
That Star divinely bright,
Shall bear to every nation
The blessed gospel light :
All kingdoms, crowns, and sceptres,
Before the Cross shall fall,
And Christ shall reign triumphant,
The King and Lord of all.