Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1112

First Line: Let us work and pray together,

Let us work and pray together,
With a firm and strong endeavour;
Hearts and hands united ever
In the service of the Lord :
In His constant love abiding,
And to Him our all confiding,
With His gentle hand still guiding,
We shall conquer through His word.

2 In the dawn of life's fair morning,
With its smile our path adorning,
Let us heed the Master's warning :
Time is flying ; work to-day !
See the royal host advancing :
Armed with zeal, and upward glancing,
Full of hope and joy entrancing,
Let us quickly haste away.

3 Come and join the ranks before us ;
Hark ! their songs are floating o'er us ;
Hear the glad and tuneful chorus,
How it vibrates on the air !
Home is near, and toil is ending,
Soon the mount of joy ascending,
Where the blest their harps are blending,
We shall meet our loved ones there.