Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1092

First Line: Keep step with the Master, whatever betide,

Keep step with the Master, whatever betide ;
Though dark be the pathway, keep close to your Guide ;
While foes are alluring, and danger is near,
When walking with Jesus, you've nothing to fear.

Keeping step, ... go bravely forward,
And thy cour - - age still renew ; . . .
Daily walk . . . with Christ your Saviour,
He will lead you all the journey through .

2 Keep step with the Master, wherever you go ;
Through darkness and shadow the way He will show,
The light of His presence your path will illume.
And make all the desert a garden of bloom.

3 Keep step with the Master; nor halt by the way ;
Whate'er He commands you, oh, haste to obey !
Arise at His bidding, press on in His might ;
While walking with Jesus, you're sure to be right.