Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1127

First Line: Joy-bells ringing, children singing,

Joy-bells ringing, children singing,
Fill the air with music sweet ;
Joyful measure, guileless pleasure,
Make the chain of song complete.

Joy-bells ! Joy-bells !
Never, never cease your ringing 1
Children ! Children !
Never, never cea*e your singing I
List, list, the song that swells —
Joy-bells ! Joy-bells !

2 Joy-bells ringing, children singing,
Hark their voices loud and clear,
Breaking o'er us, like a chorus,
From a purer, happier sphere.

3 Earth seems brighter, hearts grow lighter,
As the gladsome melody
Charms our sadness into gladness,
Pealing, pealing joyfully.

4 Joy-bells nearer sound, and clearer,
When the heart is free from care;
Skies are cheering, and we're hearing
Joy-bells ringing everywhere.