Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1014

First Line: I saw a way-worn traveller,

I saw a way-worn traveller,
In tattered garments clad,
And struggling up the mountain,
It seemed that he was sad ;
His back was laden heavy,
His strength was almost gone,
Yet he shouted as he journeyed,
Deliverance will come !
Then palms of victory, crowns of glory
Palms of victory I shall bear.

2 The summer sun was shining,
The sweat was on his brow,
His garments worn and dusty,
His step seemed very slow ;
But he kept pressing onward,
For he was wending home,
Still shouting as he journeyed,
Deliverance will come !

3 The songsters in the arbour
That stood beside the way
Attracted his attention,
Inviting his delay :
His watchword being Onward !
He stopped his ears and ran,
Still shouting as he journeyed,
Deliverance will come ! '*

4 I saw him in the evening ;
The sun was bending low ;
He'd overtopped the mountain,
And reached the vale below :
He saw the Golden City —
His everlasting home, —
And shouted loud, Hosanna !
Deliverance will come !

5 While gazing on that City,
Just o'er the narrow flood,
A band of holy angels
Came from the throne of God ;
They bore him on their pinions
Safe o'er the dashing foam,
And joined him in his triumph :
Deliverance had come !

6 I heard the song of triumph
They sang upon that shore,
Saying, Jesus has redeemed us
To suffer nevermore !
Then, casting his eyes backward
On the race which he had run,
He shouted loud, Hosanna !
Deliverance has come !