Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1144

First Line: I love to think, though I am young,

I love to think, though I am young,
My Saviour was a child ;
That Jesus walked this earth along,
With feet all undefined.

2 He kept His Father's word of truth,
As I am taught to do ;
And while He walked the paths of youth,
He walked in wisdom too.

3 I love to think that He who spake,
And made the blind to see,
And called the sleeping dead to wake,
Was once a child like me.

4 That He who wore the thorny crown,
And tasted death's despair,
Had a kind mother like my own,
And knew her love and care.

5 I know 'twas all for love of me
That He became a child,
And left the heavens so fair to see,
And trod earth's pathway wild.

6 Then, Saviour, who wast once a child,
A child may come to Thee ;
And oh, in all Thy mercy mild,
Dear Saviour, come to me !