Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.999

First Line: Hark ! hark ! the song the ransomed sing,

Hark ! hark ! the song the ransomed sing,
A new-made song of praise ;
The Lord the Lamb they glorify,
And these the strains they raise :

Glory to Him who loved us,
And washed us in His blood ;
Who cleansed our souls from guilt and sin,
By that pure, living flood !

2 Made white by His redeeming blood,
Our heavenly garments shine;
Our minds, by Him enlightened,
The power of truth divine, [prove

3 By Jesus' blood we overcame
When Satan's host assailed ;
'Twas by the power of truth divine
Our feeble arms prevailed.

4 Then be the Lamb of God adored —
The Lord of life and light !
To Him be glory, honour, power,
And majesty and might !