Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1083

First Line: Great Jehovah, mighty Lord,

Great Jehovah, mighty Lord,
Vast and boundless is Thy word ;
King of kings, from shore to shore
Thou shalt reign for evermore.

2 Jew and Gentile, bond and free,
All shall yet be one in Thee ;
All confess Messiah's name,
All His wondrous love proclaim.

3 From her night shall China wake ;
Afric's sons their chains shall break ;
Egypt, where Thy people trod,
Shall adore and praise our God.

4 India's groves of palm so fair
Shall resound with praise and prayer ;
Ceylon's isle with joy shall sing,
Glory be to Christ our King !

5 North and South shall own Thy sway ;
East and West Thy voice obey;
Crowns and thrones before Thee fall,
King of kings, and Lord of all.