Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1128

First Line: Go thou in life's fair morning,

Go thou in life's fair morning,
Go in the bloom of youth ;
And buy, for thine adorning,
The precious pearl of truth :
Secure this heavenly treasure,
And bind it on thine heart,
And let not earthly pleasure
E'er cause it to depart.

2 Go, while the day-star shineth,
Go, while thy heart is light;
Go, ere thy strength declineth,
While every sense is bright :
Sell all thou hast, and buy it ;
Tis worth all earthly things —
Rubies, and gold, and diamonds,
Sceptres and crowns of kings.

3 Go, ere the clouds of sorrow
Steal o'er the bloom of youth ;
Defer not till to-morrow,
Go now, and buy the truth, —
Go, seek thy great Creator,
Learn early to be wise ;
Go, place upon His altar
A morning sacrifice.