Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1050

First Line: For Thy mercy and Thy grace,

For Thy mercy and Thy grace,
Faithful through another year,
Hear our song of thankfulness ;
Father and Redeemer, hear !

2 In our weakness and distress, [stay:
Rock of Strength, be Thou our
In the pathless wilderness
Be our true and living way.

3 Who of us death's awful road
In the coming year shall tread.
With Thy rod and staff, O God,
Comfort Thou his dying bed.

4 Keep us faithful, keep us pure,
Keep us evermore Thine own;
Help, O help us to endure,
Fit us for the promised crown.

5 So within Thy palace gate
We shall praise, on golden strings,
Thee, the only Potentate,
Lord of lords, and King of kings.