Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1100

First Line: Christian soldiers all, hear our,

Christian soldiers all, hear our
Leader's call ;
Who will rally at the King's cormmand ?
Firmly, steadily, on to victory,
See, advancing, Our Endeavour Band.

Forward ! soldiers all ; hear our Leader's call !
Onward ! onward, with the Sword and Shield !
Signals flashing bright, in the shining light,
Cheer us onward to the battlefield !

2 Hear the trump of war sounding near and far,
Haste to conquer in Jehovah's name ;
To the promised land, with His mighty hand,
He will lead us with a loud acclaim.

3 On, our foes to brave ! on, the world to save !
Armed with courage as the moments fly ;
Shouts of triumph rise, rank to rank replies,
As with joy we wave our banners high !

4 When our labour's done, and the victbry won,
Then with Jesus we shall meet above ;
Oh, how sweet 'twill be, there His face to see,
In the mansions of eternal love !