Sacred Songs and Solos Lyrics
Hymn No.1051

First Line: All, all for Thee ! Dear Saviour, may this watchword,

All, all for Thee ! Dear Saviour, may this watchword
Be Thine own keynote for my life this year :
So sweetly harmonising thought and action,
That none who listen shall a discord hear.

2 All, all for Thee ! Oh, take me now entirely !
Retune each note with Thine own gentle hand ;
I give myself afresh into Thy keeping,
To do or suffer, as Thou shalt command.

3 I give my heart — I long to love Thee better
Than ever I have done in years before ;
That all I do may be a joy, not duty ;
Lord Jesus, grant it: may I love Thee more !

4 I give my will — O Master, do receive it;
It must rebel in any care but Thine;
I cannot keep it, it is so self-pleasing :
What rest to think it is no longer mine !

5 O Master, by Thine own most Holy Spirit,
Send heavenly music o'er the earth through me,
So true, so beautiful, so soul-refreshing,
That those who hear it may learn more of Thee !